Review: Whose Mouse Are You by Robert Kraus

cover 'Whose Mouse Are You' by Robert KrausCute story, especially for toddlers. The little mouse of Robert Kraus‘s picture book, Whose Mouse Are You? is asked just that: ‘Whose mouse are you?’

The answer is that it is nobody’s mouse because its mother was swallowed by a cat, it’s father is in a trap, it’s sister is far away, and it does not have a brother. Nevertheless it is a brave and clever little mouse who saves its family and brings them all home.

My favorite part of this book was not the rhyming story, but the pictures. The mice are cute, the cat and trap are colorfully scary, and the book barely needs the limited number of words (101).

While I think the story might not be exciting for a six-year-old, the pictures would be delightful for a three or four-year-old.