Review: Someday

cover 'Someday' by Eileen SpinelliSomeday I am going to be…

It’s hard to be content with the present moment when you are little. The future has infinitely more possibilities! Eileen Spinelli has written a story, simply titled Someday, about a young girl with an extravagant imagination. She dreams of going beyond the common events of her day-to-day life and imagines them as exciting moments instead.

She feeds the fish, but pictures heself making friends with a dolphin. The sofa turns into an archeological site and lunch becomes tea at the White House.

Someday encourages children to go beyond what they know to imagine what could be. It assures them that while their everyday life may seem boring, the future is there for them to create.

With the assistance of Rosie Winstead’s utterly lovely and adorable artwork, this becomes a tale that goes beyond daily events and into the possibilities of someday.

Picture Book: Someday by Eileen Spinelli’,’