Review: Lost and Found

cover 'Lost and Found' by Oliver JeffersImagine this: you open your door and find a penguin there. It’s a very sad looking penguin. What would you do? Take it to lost and found? Maybe. Ask some birds? Maybe. Help it get home? Maybe.

Let’s say you decide to help it get home. You head down to the docks, but the last boat to the South Pole just left. That means you’ll have to take the penguin there yourself. So you find a row boat, load the penguin in, and start rowing. Many days later you arrive. You leave the penguin and the two of you wave good-bye.

Now, let’s say you really got to like that little penguin; after all you two were together a long time through storms and deep, dark nights. What would you do? That’s what this delightful book, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, is about. But even more, it is about friendship, the friendship that can develop between two unlikely friends, and the feelings we have when those friends go away. The story really begins when the boy realizes the penguin wasn’t sad because it was far from home. It was sad because it was lonely. I also enjoyed Oliver Jeffers lovely, simple illustrations that add immensely to this story.