Haunted Houses… Really?

Haunted houses are not my thing.Haunted House Flyer

The real thing, an old spooky looking house. Those are fun, at least to imagine the possibilities. The ‘just for Halloween‘ haunted houses might have been fun when I was ten or eleven, but once you approach adulthood… well I see no reason to spend any amount of money to go inside a dark building expecting attempts to be made to frighten me. I could consider joining the T-Party if I really wanted to frighten myself… and all it would cost me would be a little of my dignity.

Okay, now I’ve done it, haven’t I, lost a couple readers because of my misdirected and blatant attempt at humor (I could have said, ‘misguided,’ but there was no guiding involved). I guess I frightened myself a little after all.

Okay, let me cross that out and try again. If I really wanted to frighten myself I could rent a Hummer to drive to the gas station. No? How about: If I really wanted to frighten myself I’d audition for America’s Got Talent (If you ever heard me sing, you’d know how frightening that could be).

What is really frightening to me is the things people spend their money on and so-called ‘haunted houses’ is just one of them. When I was a kid if somebody jumped out from a dark place or even from behind a corner and shouted, “Boo,” they better be ready to be chased, unless they got punched good and hard right then and there. I’m sorry, if you love Halloween’s haunted houses, but I’m not going to spend money for something I would have punched some for years ago.