Making Chicago Sports Fans Feel Good

I remember every one of the moments depicted in this video: Mark Buerle’s perfect game, Michael Jordan’s game winners, the Blackhawk Stanley Cup victories, Walter Payton  and the Super Bowl Bears, and Devin Hester’s ability to find openings where there didn’t appear to be any.

Still, no matter how many great moments there have been in Chicago  Sports history, I want more. I want to see the Bulls go deep into the NBA playoffs. I want to see the Blackhawks win another Stanley Cup. I want to see the Bears make the playoffs. I want to see the White Sox win their Division and the Cubs… I want more than to just wish them well.

Watch this video. It will bring back many great Chicago sports memories…


Bo’s Jackson on Bo Jackson

If you’re a White Sox fan or just a fan of kids who like sports, you should love this video. Adam LaRoche’s son, Drake, had a few questions for 52-year-old, Bo Jackson, or maybe just one: Who are you? Bo was happy to tell the 13-year-old about Bo Jackson.

Somewhere along the way I was expecting either Drake or Bo to express a ‘that’s incredible’ moment. It didn’t happen and I like the way Bo talked about himself matter-of-factly, as if he was a big deal, but it was no big deal.

Bo was with the White Sox only three seasons, and played just 108 games because of hip problems that led to a hip replacement in 1992. He had 82 hits, 19 home runs, and 59 RBI’s in 355 at bats. He helped lead the Sox to the Division crown in 1993, but they fell to Toronto in the playoffs in six games.

One of my favorite stories about Jackson says he promised his mother he would hit a home run for her when he returned from the hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately she died before he returned in 1993. Nevertheless, with his first swing in at-bat against the New York Yankees he hit a home run – promise fulfilled.

Here’s the full story: Mic’d up: Bo’s history lesson |