A Big Change is Coming

A few years ago I began a blog using my pen name Robb Terranova. It focused on writing, primarily children’s books. After a couple years I decided to change my pen name (why not, I Divi from Elegant Themeshadn’t been published, it didn’t make much difference who I was or what I called myself.

Recently something exciting happened. Quite awhile ago I started using themes from Elegant Themes. A theme called Divi, that was much better than the one I was using on robbterranova.com came along, so I started using it because it was much more adaptable than the theme I’d been using, which I really liked. Just a couple of days ago Elegant Themes released a plugin called Divi Builder that makes it possible to make any theme no matter who makes it as adaptable as Divi. So, during the next few days I’m going to be combining my Robb Terranova and Robb Michael sites. It could get a little bumpy. You’ll see some posts from long ago show up again and the look of the site will change. I’ve already taken the first step. Type in the name of either site and you’ll come here, although what was on robbterranova.com is not here yet, it will soon be.

If you have a web site, you should strongly consider checking out Elegant Themes. The learn curve is not terribly steep, even though the changes you’ll be able to make to your site might have you saying, “That’s incredible.”