Being Sad and Lonely

She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to return the bed, but after just a week it was well used and she couldn’t Sheltie in raised dog bedjust throw it out… not after spending more money for it than she wanted to spend. Before she got the bed she was happy, but now she was terribly lonely. Her own bed was empty.

Two weeks ago she noticed while she watched TV her dog, Mulby, always fell asleep on the cold floor. For some reason, it didn’t like sleeping on the sofa, so she decided to get him a dog bed. He liked it immediately. He liked it so much he refused to sleep anywhere else.

Now when she went to bed, she tapped Mulby, just like she always did. He dutifully came upstairs and jumped on the bed to be next to her, just like he always did. Now, though, as soon as she got in bed and turned off the light he jumped off to go downstairs and sleep in his new bed. She’d never been so sad before.