Today He Would Be a Swashbuckling Adventurer

Sunlight was peeking through the blinds when he woke. He looked at the clock, thinking he might have turned off Indiana Jonesthe alarm and overslept.

“Surprise, surprise,” he said to himself.

He could lay there in bad another fifteen minutes or he could do something different, something unusual for him. He could get out of bed now. So he did. He figured the alarm would go off about the time he finished his shower. He was toweling dry when the soft buzzing began.

“This is going great,” he thought. “I need to keep this up. I need to be somebody different today. First, I will not shave. That’s the look today, rough and daring unshaved men, the look of an adventurer, sort of like Indiana Jones.”

As he brushed his teeth he thought about that, picturing himself in a cave or a jungle, climbing a mountain or fording a stream.

“That’s what I’ll do,” he said to his image in the mirror. “Today I’ll be Indiana Jones. I’ll do something daring, something brave. Should I explore a barren stretch of beach or hike the woods into the mountains? Plenty of time to decide. First, the breakfast of an adventurer: eggs, bacon, sausage, and some melon. I think Indiana Jones had some melon in one of his movies… maybe not.:  

For a moment he considered starting with some black tea but decided black coffee was more the drink of an American adventurer. With the coffee percolating he took out the skillet, then rummaged through the freezer. Holding the package of bacon he had second thoughts. He didn’t really feel like having eggs and bacon. The grease always splattered when he tried to cook them together. He could either go out for breakfast… the only time adventurers cooked their own meals,” he reasoned, “was when they were out in the woods or the desert. Otherwise, someone else cooked for them. That’s when he changed his mind, put the bacon back in the freezer, put the skillet back in the cupboard and took out the bag of sugar coated wheat puffs and decided today he would be Peter Pan instead.

“Maybe I should put on my pajamas,” he thought.