Beth Dunn Inspired Me

I found this quite inspirational and the reason that I started jogging again. Yesterday I watched a video by HubSpot’s Beth Dunn about persistence. These are four pictures of Beth. She tried losing weight many times a number of different ways but wasn’t successful till she found a way to hold herself accountable. 

At the end of every jog, she took a selfie. Taking that selfie every day gave her an additional reason to continue jogging every day. 

As you can see from the pictures below it worked. The first picture was her before she started jogging in 2012. The next is about a year later on stage at the Inbound event where she is 75 lbs lighter. Next is a picture at the event the following year, then this past November.

We usually want change such as weight loss to be quick, but as you can see Beth’s weight loss wasn’t immediate, but with persistence, it became drastic, life-changing.

If I jog just about every day and take a selfie every day I see no reason the process shouldn’t work for me, too.

Beth’s video about persistence: ( )