Jogging – Day #2

My jogging path, exercise results, and a selfie
My Jogging Path and Me

I tried pushing myself a little bit today. Instead of jogging just a 10th of a mile I pushed the jogging sessions to eleven tenths of a mile. Then I walked .09. 

It was painful. I’ll describe a little of it:  first, of all of my tibia hurts which surprises me and my feet hurt a little bit which doesn’t surprise me. The worst, though, is about halfway through, jogging that .11 mile starts getting difficult. I’m at the point where I have all I can do to get to the point where I see that .55 or .77 show up on my tracking app. I am breathing heavily, straining for air. 

I don’t remember this much difficulty or agony when I started jogging the first time I did this much jogging 35 years ago. In fact, the very first time I jogged I was out for two hours, running almost the entire time. I thought… this is really easy… at least until I woke up the next morning and few if any muscles did not hurt. Still, when the next time I jogged after a few days, even though I took it easier, it didn’t seem as hard to cover a block or two, my legs didn’t hurt as much, and it didn’t seem to be as difficult to get them to move.

I sometimes forget I am not young anymore and I’ve never had a dog named Toto either.