Jogging – Day #3


Jogging map, results, and me
Jogging path, results, and me

I’ve now jogged three days in a row. Today was interesting because I really pushed myself the first leg and went to tenths of a mile before I stopped. However, every jogging/section after that was 11 tenths of a mile. It also wasn’t much easier today. Just like yesterday, it was okay until things started hurting. One thing to note: the leg on the left side of that red square is all uphill, not a steep uphill, gradual, but noticeable. That’s where the agony starts. Other than that I know my body is going to rebel for quite awhile partly because I am out of shape, but mostly because I am old and out of shape.


I will probably take tomorrow off because first of all, it seems like a good idea. I’ve built some days off into this and I expect to take more off here at the beginning than I expect to once I am jogging well. Also, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and I am not a trooper yet, at least not one who jogs even when it is raining…

Forgot to mention this. Yesterday I added another picture to my end-of-jog routine: a picture of some bit of the nearby scenery when I finish.