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The White Sox odds to win the World Series are …

Sox logo behind home plateThis is one of those ‘feel good’ stories for White Sox fans. According to Sports Illustrated Fanside, the Las Vegas odds-makers give the Sox 16-1 odds to win the World Series. Those are the same odds they give “the Tigers, Mariners, and the reigning World Series champion San Francisco Giants.” In other words the odds rank the Sox among the teams with the seventh best chance to take the Championship.

You might be thinking, “16-1 odds don’t sound all that good!” Actually, those are the same odds the Sox got at the beginning of the season in 2005, the last time they won the World Series.

As far as winning the Division and AL pennant the Vegas bookies think the Sox have a about the same chance to win the Division as the Tigers and much better than the Royals, Indians and Twins and a slightly better chance to take the AL pennant than the Tigers (7-1 vs 15-2). However, the Sox (tied with the Seattle) are the third pick to take the AL behind the Red Sox and Angels at 11-2 odds.

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