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Only a Little Bit a Cubs Fan

Since I’m from Chicago, I should be a Cubs fan too, which I am, but Cubs fannot very much. I really would like to see them win the World Series, but not if they happen to be playing the White Sox. But I’d like to see them win, just because I’m tired of the Cubs being “Loveable Losers.”

I am also tired of Cubs fans being delusional. I would like, just once, for them to think, “This is the year, the Cubs are going all the way,” and for them to be right. After that, they can start counting to 100+ again.

The final reason I’d like to see the Cubs win the World Series is because they will no longer be the underdog. For most of the last 100 years they have been the underdog because #1, the are usually a terrible team and, #2, it’s been so long since the Cubs won the World Series that Cubs fans think it’s called the World are you Serious.

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