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Do the Chicago Cubs Have a Problem?

After 108 years the jinx was finally broken when the Cubs finally won the World Series, but now it’s looking like it was just a fluke. The stars aligned, luck was finally on their side, but in the end, they weren’t really that good a baseball team. At least that could be the interpretation based on the way they’re playing right now.

My favorite team, the White Sox are not very good this year, but they’re not supposed to be. They traded away two of their five best players and are ready to trade away more as they rebuild a team that has been mediocre, at best, for most of the last ten years. The White Sox are supposed to be one of the worst teams in baseball this year. However, right now they are far and away much better than the Cubs. Sure, the Cubs are four games better than the Sox, but the stats (see below) say the Sox are better, maybe it’s the competition. While the outlook is bleak for the Cubs, it would be even worse if they were in the American League.

They’re fortunate they’re in the Central Division where they’re in 2nd place two or three games behind Milwaukee. If they were in the National League’s West Division they’d be in 4th place, 9.5 games out of first. If they were in the American League West they’d also be in 4th, but they’d be 12 1/2 back.

Cubs fans are saying, “Not to worry, the season is still young, these guys will turn it around in time for the playoffs.”

Meanwhile, White Sox fans are saying, “We knew they weren’t that good… just lucky.”

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Did Someone Put 100 Monkeys in a Room?

wondering-monkeyI saw this story on Yahoo this morning and I had to watch the video in order to understand the story. I thought this was written by a foreigner. Periods are misplaced. Sentences are incomplete. Commas don’t exist where commas should be. What does this mean: “Ten Stastny that the game Sunday the Ravens are trying…”? What is a “Meehan showing?”And what is this: “And each of the Fayette that the news that their teens are going to be that this year’s I think there’s a lot invested in and so. We almost into an.”?

Was the writer drunk? Was the writer tired or lazy and rather than write an intro to the video, just turned in his/her notes to be used as an intro? Whatever happened, ABC and/or Yahoo should be ashamed of

Whatever happened, ABC and/or Yahoo should be ashamed, because this falls far short of the quality standards expected of them.

Maryland Man Clinging to Life After Altercation at Baltimore Ravens Game

October 3, 2016

Ten Stastny that the game Sunday the ravens trying to keep their winning streak alive hosted the oak. Raiders’ Al West Coast team that had an usually high Meehan showing. It was a typical. Rivalry tight game when you have a lot of fans well represented it. And each of the Fayette that the news that their teens are going to be that this year’s I think there’s a lot invested in and so. We almost into an. The city of third some fun banter but nothing like what police described after interviewing witnesses of a fight between opposing fans in the stadium. At about 330 also were alerted by fans there was an in progress fight when programs. When officers got there they found 56 year old victim whose

Source: Video: Maryland Man Clinging to Life After Altercation at Baltimore Ravens Game

The Chicago Bears Walter Payton Had a Great Sense of Humor

If I had a little money to spare I’d buy this film reel lithographed print of Walter Payton pulling down Matt Suhey’s shorts.

I’ve always thought it was one of the funniest sport pictures I’ve ever seen Walter Payton having some fun with Matt Suheypartly because it’s just funny (I’ve always wondered what happened to Suhey’s shorts when the ball was snapped) and partly because it makes Walter Payton more human.

Mike Ditka called Payton the best overall football player to ever play the game. The argument will go on forever about whether he was the greatest running back, mostly because he sits behind Emmit Smith, second in all-time rushing yards with 16,726. He still holds the records for consecutive starts in a regular season by a running back (170), most games in a career with 100 or more rushing yards (77), and most all-purpose yards in a career (21,803), and the most touchdown passes by a non-quarterback (8).

No matter how hard he played the game, no matter how hard he trained, Payton liked to have fun. Sometimes in practice he would stop in the middle of a play to dance with one of the linebackers. At least once, while lying at the bottom of a pile-up he reached out to untie an officials shoes.

In 1987 I was living in Cary, IL, a little town northwest of South Barrington where Payton lived. I was driving home from a Bears game when I saw a car coming flying up behind me. I moved to the right hand lane to let the ‘crazy driver’ go past in his Porsche, but as he went by I managed to look into the car. The driver looked like Payton, but I doubted that because the game had just ended less than hour before. I wouldn’t have been so doubtful if I had known then that Payton loved fast cars and that he was pulled over more than 50 times for speeding in Chicago). Nevertheless, I knew the driver was Payton when I watched the car speed down the highway and exit at Barrington road. That was about as close as I ever got to him.

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Only a Little Bit a Cubs Fan

Since I’m from Chicago, I should be a Cubs fan too, which I am, but Cubs fannot very much. I really would like to see them win the World Series, but not if they happen to be playing the White Sox. But I’d like to see them win, just because I’m tired of the Cubs being “Loveable Losers.”

I am also tired of Cubs fans being delusional. I would like, just once, for them to think, “This is the year, the Cubs are going all the way,” and for them to be right. After that, they can start counting to 100+ again.

The final reason I’d like to see the Cubs win the World Series is because they will no longer be the underdog. For most of the last 100 years they have been the underdog because #1, the are usually a terrible team and, #2, it’s been so long since the Cubs won the World Series that Cubs fans think it’s called the World are you Serious.

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