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Dodgers’ employee stung by scorpion in Arizona

Now that I live in Southern California, just a few hours from the scorpions at Dodgers Arizona complexSox/Dodgers complex in Arizona, I’ve been thinking I would try to make it over there to see a game or two. Would be great to see the New White Sox. Maybe get to see the Sox playing the Dodgers, that would be fun.

Only one thing though… I want to watch the Sox, not the scorpions. It seems the nasty little things have moved into the complex and while the fans are watching the Sox, the scorpions might be watching them.

Dodgers’ employee stung by scorpion in Arizona

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Go Go White Sox

Chicago Sox FireworksIt’s not easy being a Chicago White Sox fan out here in the land of the Dodgers and Angels. I miss the fireworks, especially when the Sox smash a baseball over the outfield wall. I’ve gone to see them play here in L.A., but it just isn’t the same.

  • First of all if I cheer when the Sox scored a run or pull off a great play, everyone around me looks at me the same way the kids I played baseball with years ago did when I struck out with the bases loaded. It didn’t take me long to learn to hold my exuberance in till the ride home.
  • Second, there’s nobody outside or even inside the park selling Sox souvenirs. And even though there was a ‘Dodger Day’ at work, that was hardly enough reason to buy any kind of Dodger hats or even bobble-head dolls.
  • Third, the food tastes funny. I had a Dodger-dog at the first Dodger’s – Sox game I went to here and I thought they were playing some kind of joke on the gringo and the pizza… don’t get me started. The stuff they serve here is edible, but it’s nowhere near is good as the food at U. S. Cellular Field.
  • Fourth, even if the beer is the same brand, it tastes different. Maybe it gets too much sunshine. Maybe it has something to do with the latitude. Maybe it’s the ocean. The water here always tastes like it’s been hanging around the ocean.

Still, a Sox game is a Sox game no matter where it’s played, and when I’m watching them I’ll still want plenty of hits and homers. I’ll still want to see the starting pitcher collect enough outs to go deep into the game and I’ll expect the bullpen to hold the lead and save the game. Those things didn’t happen as often as I’d have liked last year, but this is a new one… and this year, I’m expecting plenty of fireworks.